Horse riding is one of the unique features we offer at ULUHATI

We offer guided joyrides, casual rides and riding lessons to our guests.

Guided joyrides
This is mainly for first time riders who want to experience being on a horse. This ride will take place in the paddock and will be hand held. The charge is RM70-00 per person per forty (40) minutes or part thereof,

Casual rides
These are for guest who have ridden before and are able to manage a horse on their own to a reasonable extent. The charge is RM70-00 per person per forty (40) minutes or part thereof. This ride will take place in the paddock.

Riding lessons
We offer basic riding lessons from the walk to the canter. We do not teach show jumping, dressage or other specialized riding techniques. Our approach is holistic in that we expect the student after spending time with us to know more than just to sit on a horse and make it move. We try to educate our students off and on the saddle so that they understand the animal better. Our philosophy is simply that the more you know about the horse the greater the chance that the rider and horse become one. Thus students will be taught the care and maintenance of horses, common issues etc.

Riding times

Wednesdays to Mondays : 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

Tuesdays : closed

Please be punctual. Riding ends at 11.00 a.m. as the horses will need their lunch by 11.30 a.m.

All rides have to be booked one(1) week in advance with full payment upfront. Upon booking, the date and time of the ride will be confirmed. Any cancellation within 48 hours to the appointed date will result in forfeiture of the payment made. Any cancellation earlier than 48 hours will entitle the guests for a postponement of the ride to another date. No refund will be made.

What to bring - Riding attire
For beginners we do not encourage you to invest too much for a start. Just come in comfortable long sleeve shirts and pants. Do come in comfortable shoes. Basic sports shoes will do just fine. High heels, sandals, slippers or shoes with fancy buckles are to be avoided. In fact we will not allow you to ride unless you are properly shod. Do invest in a simple pair of gloves for a start. You will be surprised what the reins can do to your fingers. As we go along, and once the riding bug has bitten you than you can start charging up your credit cards.

Beyond that, enjoy yourselves.