We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed a set of facilities which now enables us to take in staying guests. Visitors can now extend their stay beyond the usual day visits so as to have more time to absorb the atmosphere and activities of rural Malaysia for a more fulfilling experience.

In constructing these facilities we have been careful to incorporate designs which are reflective of Malaysian traditional heritage both by way of architecture and materials. We were also concerned that these structures blend well with the setting, causing as little intrusion to the scenery as possible, with ample room for privacy. The result was, in our opinion, a unique staying experience on a Malaysian farm, the Uluhati Lodge

The Longhouse - Uluhati Lodge
Built out of local materials from the nearby jungles, the Longhouse follows the design of the traditional longhouses in East Malaysia. The extensive use of split and beaten bamboo is a unique feature which resulted in new estethics not seen in Malaysian houses for some decades now. We have have however made some adaptation for ease of our visitors. The stilts supporting the house is lower than usual as we do not wish to pose a threat to KLCC (Malaysia's iconic twin towers). Also the wooden stairs are made in the regular style, instead of just huge logs with notches serving as steps. We would not wish to see Grandma happily tumbling down as she tries to get on to the house.
Typical of a longhouse there is a huge veranda which serves as a lounge. A great meeting place for guests, to enjoy a long cool drink, read your favorite book, play some board games or just chill out with your family and friends. Great for catching up with your notebook as well, by we recommend leaving your notebook at home. Just relax

We have six rooms in the longhouse, each opening to the varendah.
Note the bamboo flooring and walls. The washroom facilities is separated from the Longhouse. Using the open concept it allows for lots of natural lighting and free air flow. Notwithstanding the bamboo setting again, facilities enclosed therein are uptodate.
The final facility is the Coffee House or Kedai Kopi. This is where meals are cooked and served in an semi-open air setting. 
Not recommended to feed the deer. They can be overly friendly.

So there you have it. A base on a farm from where you can conduct a variety of activities deep in the heart of rural Malaysia, yet only 40 minutes from Kuala Lumpur (o.k. that's at 6 in the morning. Add another 30 minutes for the lunch hour jam). Do call or mail us for reservations.

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