Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ULUHATI: MAXIS Mobile Sdn Bhd - Just Horseing around

ULUHATI: MAXIS Mobile Sdn Bhd - Just Horseing around: "On 16th and 17th April 2011 we played host to Maxis Mobile Sdn Bhd for a 2 day Horse Camp at Uluhati. About 40 people came for each day with..."

Monday, April 18, 2011

MAXIS Mobile Sdn Bhd - Just Horseing around

On 16th and 17th April 2011 we played host to Maxis Mobile Sdn Bhd for a 2 day Horse Camp at Uluhati. About 40 people came for each day with a fair spread of parents and children.

Events for the first day was slightly marred by rain in the late morning. Nevertheless we managed to finish the morning riding session before the rain got too heavy for us to continue. Activities then shifted to the Coffee House and tents where the guests had their authentic kampong lunch continued with some indoor games for the children. Notwithstanding the rain the children seemed to have a good time and on that score most parents seemed satisfied with how things turned out. Our local helper assured us that the next day would be dry as there would be a wedding nearby and that the local bomoh (shaman) would drive the rain away. We feverishly hope so.

True to his promise the next day was bright and sunny. We were then able to execute our full plan for the day which included a tour of the farm, the horse clinic and riding sessions in the morning. At 11.00 am we broke of for tea in the midst of which there was a huge cry. From the other end of the farm came a lost pirate (Captain Penguin) calling for his mate to bring him his treasure chest. The erstwhile mate however failed to bring the treasure and ended up as a human kebab at the end of the Captain's sabre. The children were then enlisted immediately as replacement pirates and instructed in no uncertain terms to find the Captain's treasure or risk being fed to the sharks, opps!, sorry Talapia. So off they went running around the farm following clues which led them to the treasure. A whole chest of gold was their reward, much to the relief of the parents, who were royally exhausted following after their little pirates.

After lunch the children were introduced to several games long forgotten in today's world of i-pads and PSP's. Very low tech but they had great time running the sack race, blowing flour to get to sweets and busting the balloons. The Papa's and Mama's were not to escape. They were called for a volley ball match with a difference and you wouldn't belief how the fought for the points. At one point the umpire, yours truly, feared for his life. No wonder Maxis is the leading Telco in the country, they must be as determined at their work. 

After the volley ball match, whilst the volley ballers were catching their breath under the shady trees, the rest of the guest split up to two groups. One group had their afternoon riding session whist the other went off to pond to impress the fishes with their fishing skills. The fishes told me later that there is a lot of room for improvement.

They round up at about 3.00 pm totally spent, but from where I stood totally unwound. One guest however couldn't help lamenting that next day was a Monday. No worries, Uluhati is always there to refresh your spirits.

We had a great time with our guests. A great bunch of folks who knew how to have fun. Maxis, it was our greatest pleasure to have you over the weekend. All the very best to all of you and keep the Maxis flag flying high.

Salam From ULUHATI

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sunday 3 April 2011 was a big day for Aiman, so big that he decided, well actually his Mummy did, to do something different for a change. Let's go to the farm and celebrate his birthday with the animals!. So went they did to Uluhati with Dad and Mom, Datuk Shalimin and Datin Nazlina, Grandpa, aunties and uncles and close family friends.

Upon arrival they were given the customary tour of Uluhati, with special instructions to the children to pay particular attention for their test in the latter part of the day. They saw everything, all the way to the fish ponds which involved a short hike through the neighboring farm.

 Our latest addition our Kedai Kopi Uluhati


Stop horsing around Prince, you've got guests


Back again at Uluhati it was time for the birthday cake, followed by a traditional kampong brunch. After that there was a short moment of confusion as some wanted to go fishing straight away and some wanted to ride the pony. The middle path saved the day as it was time for the treasure hunt. This is where the children were tested if they had remembered some facts during the tour. And they did after a series of clue found the treasure. Once the treasure was divided the now familiar questions came up again, "now can we go fishing?", "now can we ride the pony?".

So they divided themselves into two groups, one for the pony ride and the other for the fishing. Mary, the pony behaved rather well with the children and all those interested had their share of rides. The fishermen though were not so lucky. It being almost midday, most fish were in the deeper cooler depths, whilst those swimming near the surface observed the baits from afar with clear disdain on their faces. Nevertheless, the children seemed to enjoy it.

 Uncle Azman teaching the young ones how to fish with the traditional bemban joran (what happened to the Penn tackle?)

 Mummy calling for some cooperation from the fish (Hooi!!),
daughter wondering what's wrong with mom.


Grandpa reminiscing the good old carefree days under the banana grove (under the hot sun)

Grandpa passing down family fishing secrets to grandson,
grandson politely listening (yeah...sure)

Dad lamenting the fate of a former politician, UMNO and MCA in session

Around about mid-afternoon everyone was back again at Uluhati. The not so adventurous ones seemed totally engrossed with their carrom game whilst a couple tried their hand at table tennis. The party ended at about 2 p.m. They may have enjoyed their stay but I think some already missed their air-conditioning.

We thank Datuk Shalimin and Datin Nazlina for gracing Uluhati with their presence, which incidentally was the first official function held at our recently completed coffee house. Due for completion soon is our Longhouse chalet. We hope their short time with us has been a good one, for we certainly enjoyed their company.

 Salam Datuk and Datin. Once again thank you.