There are a variety of things you can do at and around Uluhati. All these are environment related, fully natural. The great news is you do not have to travel for hours to have a feel of what rural, rustic Malaysia is all about. On top of that the deep rainforest jungle  is also available. All of these just barely an hour's drive from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. So why drive 8 hours to the National Park (my apologies to the park operators).


Uluhati itself is a fully integrated farm. We have a variety of Malaysian fruit trees (rambutans, mangosteen, durians,etc). We also breed a variety of farm animals for our own consumption and sale. Our managerie include range chickens, guinea fowls, horses and goats, not to mention our compliment of dogs and cats. We also have a fish pond where we rear fish of good quality. Visitors are allowed to fish though small ones are to be released.

Its a great place to bring the young ones to learn a thing or two about nature. Well, actually the more enraptured visitors are the adults.


Jungle trekking

Malaysia's natural heritage, the equatorial rainforest is a few hundred million years old. Home to a vast diversity of plants and animal life, it is something not to be missed by lovers of nature. About 15 minutes away from Uluhati, we take you through a 2 hours trek through original rainforest at the Perdik National Reserve. The trek which crosses three streams can be described as moderate to mildly difficult at some stretches ending at a waterfall. Along the way our guide will explain to you the flora and fauna (if you meet some) and explain to you their characteristics and uses, as well as simple trapping technics.

Two weeks notice is required and visitors are required to dress appropriately, i.e. long pants and shirts with outdoor shoes. Those with known physical conditions, e.g. asthma, heart conditions and shortness of breath are not encouraged to participate.


Whilst Malaysia is blessed with beautiful natural settings, camping activities are restricted due to lack of suitable sites with adequate facilities. At Uluhati you can experience camping in a safe and secure environment as our camping site is well lighted and fenced. Proper wash/bathrooms and dinner areas are further pluses.

So Dad lets get that tent out of the store room and set it up at Uluhati. Teach the young ones a thing or two about cooking in the open (where they don't blow up the kitchen), listen to the night sounds and for once see the night skies for what it is,without the usual smog.

The grounds are also suitable for bigger groups like school scouts, cadets and other forms of adventure clubs

Bamboo Rafting

Take a bamboo raft down the Langat River for a distance of about 8 km or about an hour. The rafts are made of bamboo measuring about 40 feet by 4 feet. Each raft is made for one single journey and sits 2 adults and a guide. The rafts are made and guided by the Orang Asli (Aboriginals) of the Temuan tribe. Along the way you would pass through jungles, farms and villages and get a river view of these sights, an experience rarely felt in these modern times.

Horse Riding

We offer both casual rides and riding lessons. We provide lessons for basic riding from walk to canter. Riding lessons take place in the paddock or school and are conducted every day except Tuesday. Riding Time is between 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. Prior appointment has to be made to avoid disappointment and guests need to be suitably attired, i.e long sleeves and pants and outdoor shoes, e.g. track shoes.


Family days,birthday parties,barbeques,fruit parties 

Uluhati has been a choice site for many family days and birthday parties with an outdoor theme. The wide open spaces provide plenty of running room for the children with the animals providing the added attraction.

The natural setting with its refreshing environment provide great bonding time for families where they can partake in various group activities from group cooking, barbeques, on-site camping and family games to outdoor excursions.

During the customary fruit season, usually June, July and August of each year, Hulu Langat becomes a magnet for fruit lovers. We also arrange fruits parties during these months.

Kindergarden Sports Day

One of the frequent events we host at Uluhati. Again the wide spaces and the animals are the main attraction.

Youth Team Building and Motivational Courses

Uluhati was honored to be selected some years back as the launch site for the Ekoknights Youth Motivational Program. Since then they have been a regular visitor as do other groups and NGOs.

Corporate Team Building and Off-Sites

Over the years many companies have graced Uluhati for their Team Building and off-site needs. These have taken various forms from simple fun and games on the farm itself as well as outdoor activities like jungle trekking, bamboo rafting and horse riding.

We have adequate meetings places and halls to cater for indoor discussions, plus may shady trees for outdoor discussions.

Our well received Team Building Coordinators can customized team building games and program to fit specific needs, be it solely on the farm or in combination with selected outdoor activities.

Country Weddings

Many couples today are looking for something different to commemorate that very special day in their lives. An emerging trend is to go back to nature by way of country weddings. In this regard, Uluhati is in the position to arrange the quintessential country weddings in a truly green and leafy environment.

Visits to nearby places of interest

Some places of interest which can be easily reached from Uluhati are the following;

Kelah Farm: Kelah is a highly prized fish both for ornaments and consumption. In the wild it is a protected specie, especially in the crystal clear upper reaches water of the Belum National Park. The farm in Hulu Langat is one of the very few in Malaysia and it breeds the rarest red variety. They sell at a few hundred Malaysian Ringgit per kilogram. This farm is about 10 minutes drive from Uluhati.

Arowana Farm : Next to the Kelah Farm is again one of the few breeders of Arowana Fish in Malaysia. Whilst Arowana is found in many tropical rainforest rivers all over the world, the Malaysia specie is said to be the rarest and most beautiful fetching prices upto tens of thousands of Malaysia Ringgit. The fish is largely ornamental and is said to bring good luck to the owner. It can be eaten and in the past this fish was meant only for the Royalty.

Gabai Waterfalls: a beautiful waterfall located about 4 km from Uluhati. A steep climb on cemented stairs is required to get to the top. Very busy on weekends, so a place to avoid unless you make it your very early itinerary in the morning. Weekdays are fine

Semenyih Dam: 8 km away from Uluhati. The scenery is breathtaking and great for photo shoots. Recommended as the last item on your itinerary on the way back.

Light and easy with the bicycle
Bring your bicycles and take a leisurely cycle with the family or friends through village roads and see first hand how rural Malaysia look like. Drop by at the local shops, taste the local offerings and engage in a banter of two with the locals.You will learn that the tapestry of life is made of many different shades and textures. The steam bread with home made kaya at the Nam Wah Coffee Shop is highly recommended.

The above are some of the things we have done. Should you have any other needs which we have not thought of and which involves wide open spaces and a refreshing environment in a truly rustic ambience, do let us know. I am sure we can work something out.