Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fairuz's Family Day - Welcome to the rain

The dry spell over the last few months also had its effects in Hulu Langat and Uluhati in particular. Whilst our water comes directly from the mountains, the dry spell reduced the water flow to only a trickle.  It was sufficient for own family needs, it was not enough for our guests. Hence we decided to close down temporarily for the month of March. However the last few days of March saw signs of rain and we opened our doors again to a group of guests, this time to En Fairuz and his entire bigger family, all 37 of them.

We were told that this gathering was somewhat special as many things were celebrated, birthdays and anniversaries, and all but two family members made their way back ,some as far as from America.

Prior to their arrival, I had decided to use the break in guest arrivals to do some renovations to the wash rooms facilities. Fairly confident that I would finish on time, as luck would have it many things came in between. So there I was going dizzy on Saturday morning trying to get everything completed before they arrive at 2.00 p.m. Can you imagine 37 people needing to go when the toilet is in shambles.  Thank God it was completed just in time.That's what happens when you try to be Mister Knowall.

Anyway they arrived in batches, apologizing for being late, me secretly thankful that at least I have some time to do some final touches. The program after tea was to go for a trek in the jungle. It began to drizzle but to my surprise everyone was game for it. By the time we got back it was pouring and I got worried as half of them will be tents. The tents are waterproof but still camping on wet grounds can be quite trying.

Rain or not, nothing seemed to effect their spirits. Their barbeque went on as scheduled in the Balai and when  they were given hurricane lamps to compensate for the spoilt kitchen light, someone reminisced of the good old days in Grandma's kitchen. And when the karaoke started everyone was involved, including Uncle Bob from the U.S.of A. Yes, we heard, even when we were not there.

So we thought the campfire would be a write off and the tents would be empty. To our surprise just as we were about to retire we saw a roaring fire at the campfire spot. Must have been some doing since the wood which we got ready for them were soaking wet. The next morning we learnt that almost everyone opted for the tents leaving the Longhouse almost empty, except for Grandma and Grandpa. The morning saw some of them warming themselves by the fire with someone playing the guitar.

A moment to yourself
Strumming his soul with his fingers
Campsite Uluhati
Late sleeper, who cares when your are only 3
Sister up with Mommy

A quick game of football before breakfast

Horse and Pony rides

This group really impressed us. They wanted to be together and they did just that no matter what the circumstances are, rain or shine with not a whisper of complain, at least not that we heard. Okay, there was a scream in the Ladies washroom in the morning as they discovered our resident frog in one of the cubicles. Frogs too like to get out of the rain sometimes.

Yes, animals can be quite unpredictable sometimes, not always following their script. Our squirrels for example would not eat the fruits on the trees themselves, but would rather bring them to the Coffee House and have their tea on the table top, leaving the usual mess behind.

Anyway, well done Fairuz and family. Great family. Salam and God Bless.