Wednesday, April 25, 2018


young mangosteen fruits

God-willing, its time for the famous Langat durians, a brand name in itself. For the first time in 2 years, we are waiting anxiously over the next few months for our fruit trees to bear fruits. The weather the last few years have been unfavorable and prior to that the fruit season came during the fasting month, which resulted in much of the harvest going to waste.

Durian trees flowering. a bit difficult to see but the yellowish -white spots are the flowers

rambutan trees in full blossom

Starting from early April, all our fruit trees have been flowering. This includes the durians, rambutans, mangosteen, langsat and duku. Only the chempedak trees have not been flowering, maybe later. So we are looking forward to share this years fruits with our friends and guests.


langsat blossoms, the string like thingi are the flowers

langsat blossoms
Normally it takes about 100 days from the time the petals of the flowers drop till the fruit matures. That being the case we expect the fruits to be fully ripe by end of July or early August. And this time it is well after the fasting month.

durian blossoms
However we are not out of the woods yet. We are hoping that the weather remains kind. Too much rain or too dry a weather will cause the budding fruits to spoil or dry up. Next 1.5 months is crucial because the fruits are still very small and sensitive.

For those of our friends and guests who would like to enjoy your favorite local fruits right at the source, do keep this in mind. Sometimes offices used to have their fruit parties at the carpark of office buildings, so why not chill out and have it at the farm itself. You might want combine it some some kind of family day activities, though I doubt you can be that active when your tank is full of durians.

We will monitor the situation and keep you posted on developments. Bear in mind, it is late July or early August and will last for about 6 to 8 weeks. So bookings are limited.

ample, clean and beautiful grounds to enjoy the fruits with friends and family

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