Friday, June 30, 2017


little ones enjoying the space

Fasting month ended on 23 June 2017, and the following day was Hari Raya, an occasion of family and friends amidst an overflow of food, largely traditional Malay.

This year we decided to do something different. Normally we close the farm during Hari Raya Festival but this year we made an exception. Ms. Wan together with her friends decided to join us for Raya by camping on the farm.

And they did their own cooking and BBQ
So whilst they had their fun, we were busy getting the preparations ready and then we left the farm to them as we went around visiting relatives all over the place.

Deciding whether its should be ketupat or lemang

Elders daughter's house

With the older generation having been recalled by the Almighty, that leaves my generation as elders and focal point for family gatherings. It was great having everyone together again on this once a year occasion and to catch up with everyone. All those snooty little nephews and nieces are now professionals in their own right, with a thing or two to enlighten us oldies. How time flies. Wait, soon it will be their turn to regale in the stories of their young ones.

sister's house
back in the kampong

Youngest daughter (Fatty Meow) totally exhausted
That reminds me, can't wait to see them struggle with their young ones with the unmistakable "I told you so look". My job then would only be to make things tougher for them. My mandate is only to take the young ones to the farm, spoil them silly and send them back to their parents for recalibration. Ah, revenge is best served cold.

Eid Mubarak, or as we say it, SELAMAT HARI RAYA, to all Muslims friends and the best of wishes to our other brothers and sisters. Salam

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