Monday, May 8, 2017


Taking advantage of the extended Labour Day holidays, three young families decided to introduce their young ones to another world of fun, apart from the shopping mall routine. Arriving on 29 April they brought their own tents and everything else they could possibly need for three days 2 nights in the "wild".

Well the "wild" is overstated. The 2.8 acres grounds is well maintained and cleaned. No bushes and vines to hide and swing from, or for strange animals to hide and pounce on them. At night lights hung from strategic locations on the trees provide adequate lighting, But most important, was the availability of clean toilets and bathrooms which you may not find on many camping sites. There was even a big multi-purpose hall which they could have used to have their meals complete with tables and chairs. They did not take up the offer, I guess, the children might get the wrong idea about what camping in the wild is all about.

As for wild animals, our chickens, dogs, cats and horses put up their "ferocious" best, but I don't think they fooled anyone. I mean, how ferocious can Mary, our children's pony get? True enough all the 8 children overcome their initial trepidation and got along well with Mary.

Despite heavy rains the days before, the weather held beautifully during their stay. The Almighty must have wanted the children to really have a great time. And that they did, running around to their hearts content and soaking themselves in the pool until they looked like oversized dried prunes.

I think they had a good time, especially the children, sleeping under the sky, long talks into the night by the parents, chilly misty nights and waking up to the crowing of cockerells and chirping of birds.

Thank you Joyce and friends. Tell your other friends about us.

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