Tuesday, June 2, 2015


In collaboration with the Department of Agriculture a workshop was held at Uluhati on 18 May 2015 on how to produce handicrafts from everyday items found in the villages and the jungles around. 20 paritcipants from various parts of Selangor turned up included several men. Participants were taught how to identity and gather suitable materials from the surrounding areas, process and preserve and finally how to turn them into beautiful works of art. From where I was standing it was certainly very interesting, though there were moments when I thought the men were trying to create Batman and Captain America from the coconut shells and dried cloves. Thankfully not, in fact they gave the women a run for the money notwithstanding the decidedly macho touch.

There you are. Its not just the rough adventurous stuff that we do. We also cater for the finer, sutler and more refined part of the human experience. So if anyone is interested to learn how to make these stuff do contact us for classes. Of course we would need the minimum numbers to make it worthwhile for the instructors.

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