Monday, March 30, 2015


Kiki turned 12 last Saturday and her parents, Robert and Rita spared no expenses, energy and time to make it a day to remember. They started on Friday night with a BBQ followed by "lantern stalking". Later in the night whilst the children were snugly tucked up in their tents the parents chatted around the campfire till the wee morning hours. Roni being the only delegate from Switzerland could not resist making his cheese fondue for everyone. In true Swiss spirit he had with him 3 Swiss knives, I guess just in case our steak knives did not work. With only 3 million Swiss in existence, they had to spread their resources rather thinly, hence only one Swiss at Uluhati that weekend. The majority were English and Sabahans and Sarawakians, not forgetting one American.

Next morning after an early breakfast the children went for their bamboo rafting down the Langat river. For some is was something new whilst a few had done white water before. See, this group are members of the Hash House, used to outdoors and all that comes with it. Following the bamboo rafting they headed for the jungle track for a 2 hour track both ways. Along the way they were shown how to make traps, fine water and even fine sugar, in case you need some for your tea - some basic fieldcraft.

The day ended back at Uluhati where they had lunch before bidding goodbye. All in I think they had a full weekend, at least the children, whilst the parents made full use of the occasion to unwind.

BBQ Dinner

Cutting the Birthday Cake

Campsite in the morning

On board Langat Express to the river

Getting on to the rafts

Father of the bride, opps, birthday girl in full glory

Water level was just great. Too low then we will spend a lot of time trying to get the raft unstuck from the rocks. Too high then it gets a tad risky.

Thank you Robert and Rita for spending the weekend with us.

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