Monday, November 10, 2014


8 November 2014. After weeks of planning the big day arrived for Rizal and Huda who celebrated their marriage with a reception at Uluhati in truly country style. Before that the grass was neatly trimmed and all animals nicely fed and locked up in their various accommodation, lest they compete with Rizal and Huda for the guests' attention. Even so on the actual day many of the guests took time to pay visits to the various animals. After all, how often do you get to see various farm animals whilst attending a wedding reception.

True to the name country wedding, the guests have to really come out to the country to get to Uluhati. Then with a "sesat tapi tak sesat" (lost but not lost) sensation churning in your stomach whilst you drive through villages, orchards and jungle, you finally find yourself at the gates of Uluhati, not quite sure what to make out of it all. What is a ranch doing in Malaysia and what is a place like this doing only 40 minutes from KLCC. Be that as it may we understood from Rizal's parents, the host, 90% of the invitees turned up, the absentees we understood had good reasons ranging from stomach ulcers, emergency prostate operation and emergency Umrah (mini Hajj). So it is not the location but the ties between the host and the guests that matters. Anyway let us not bore you with words this time for pictures are worth a thousand words, they say.






Congratulations Rizal and Huda, may you be blessed with many little ones, who will no doubt be also married at Uluhati, InsyaAllah.

Salam, Pak Din and Safiya

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