Sunday, June 15, 2014


We have been priviledged again to be chosen as the site, coordinator, manager and instructor for the above workshop held at Uluhati over the weekend. A prior meeting with the management revealed that Nur Caliph Montesorri House (NCMH) is a relatively new set-up (some 3 years) looking forward to brighter and greater future ahead. To prepare for this the management has taken a proactive measure to ensure that all the staff are on the same page, i.e. rightly motivated and gelled together as a tight and cohesive team working together towards shared and common goals.

Currently having 3 branches (Dataran Wangsa,, Puchong and Shah Alam) NCMH is a specialized (for the lack of a better word) kindergarten which not only teaches pre-schoolers the educational basics but also trains them the essentials of independence and living skills together with the emotional and spiritual developments required to better prepare them for their later years. A challenging task by the sound of it, which certainly calls upon all the perseverance and ingenuity of the teaching staff. A tasks which calls for a high degree of motivation and teamwork. Hence we saw 16 of them at the gates of Uluhati at 8.30 a.m. on Saturday morning for  a jam packed program over the next 2 days and 1 night.
welcome and get introduced to the farm

making a point
I'm making a point too

kampong lunch complete with ikan patin masak tempoyak

Uztaz Safwan doing his thing

Uztaz getting them in stiches

teams within teams

awkward at first, but by the second round the screams made the monkeys blush and the squirrels stopped in mid flight.
The program began almost immediately upon arrival with Pak Din (yours truly) conducting the motivational and team building content and Uztaz Safwan providing the spiritual input. It stretched to almost midnight on day 1. Day 2 began at 4.30 a.m. for the spiritual segment with Uztaz Safwan and ended at about 5.00 p.m.. Despite the high intensity, participants seemed highly connected. In between of course, were the customary games and outdoor activity to loosen stiff limbs and get the oxygen running smoothly again. We even managed to slip in a tai-chi session in between, a new and surprising experience to most of them.

Amongst the feedback at the end of the program were;

- lots of learning points - nice to hear
- great to hear first hand from people who have actually walked the talk - also nice to hear
- ready to reassess and realign their situations - we seemed to have done something right
- got closer to staff from different branches and also got to know the bosses better - that's what they were here for
- got new perspective on familiar issues - great
- not enough games - our apologies. Time was a constraint, but we will address that in future
- program to short, a lot to absorb - quite right, though the idea was to plant the seeds of thought to be nurtured into full blown ideas and conviction with reminders and refreshers in the future.
- food, accommodation, surrounding and facilities fully satisfactory

We had a great time hosting you. Thank you Nur Caliph.


  1. Alhamdulillah.. the right place, the right person, the right timing. As Prophet Muhammad saw said to Moosa & Haroon "And We gave them the clear Scripture, and guided them to the Right Path. (Soorah as-Safaat (37): 117-118), may Allah guide us further. InSha Allah..

  2. Alhamdulilah...IN shaa Allah...Wish NUrcaliph Montessori House All the Best!!