Monday, April 7, 2014


In a few hours it will be one month since that fateful day. A day which began with incredulous disbelieve, which slowly felt it way into our conciousness, finally grabbing a firm tenacious hold of the minds of millions of people all over the world, from simple farmers like me, to statesmen and illustrious specialists and academicians.

As the days went by the enormity the event grew correspondingly and emotions of various shades flowed and ebbed with every announcement. Despair followed hope whilst desperation trade places with confusion at every possible turn. Theories and hypothesis surfaced in different tongues from far flung corners of the earth. 

Surely this extraordinary event has caught the attention and imagination of everyone, culminating in an almost unprecedented scale of humanitarian effort outside a formal multinational framework. Whilst cynics may say that each have their own special interest at heart,  but I think beneath it all is the common basic care for a fellow human being. 

And when you hear the dedicated comments of the everyday man, from another part of the globe, doing his job looking for clues and survivors, whose names he knows not, then you know that there is still that human kindness hard-coded regardless of race, color or creed.

The Malays have a saying, loosely translated; "whilst it is the eyes that see (the burden), it is the shoulders that bear (the burden)".

We all have our moments of loss and despair. But evenso I can only imagine the pain and sorrow of the families of those on the ill-fated flight. I can only imagine because mine is only the eyes that see, but theirs are the shoulders that bear the pain. To my brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, may the Almighty descend upon you soothing calmness in your  hours of greatest trials. May He strengthen you with patience and forebearance. Just so you know the world mourns with you. 

Salam, Pak Din

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