Friday, September 27, 2013


Ever had that feeling of Dejavu each time you get invited to a wedding. You could almost visualize the setting, smell the food and hear the sounds that normally comes with such occasions. You wonder what is new this time around but more often than not you come back feeling more of the same. Let's face it, it is getting to be quite routine and finding that difference is becoming quite a challenge.

Perhaps this is where Uluhati can make that difference. Without costing and arm or a leg, or having to mortgage you father you may yet have an event to be remembered for a long while.

With recent additions to our facilities, Uluhati is now ready to host wedding functions which, shall we say, would be a truly country in nature. To start with, Uluhati is blessed with about 2 acres of well manicured compound, surrounded by shady trees. The compound is large enough to accommodate over two thousand guests at any one time. Don't worry about the animals. We will not overdo the country flavor as all the animals will be well fed and locked up in the respective quarters during the event.

For Malay weddings with the customary Bersanding ceremony, our latest addition, the Serambi is a unique setting. The Serambi is a 20 x 20 feet covered lanai or gazebo over a swimming pool. So a Bersanding ceremony held at the Serambi will be one of a kind which the Malays might call, "Pelamin di Kayangan" or the "Wedding Dias in the Clouds". Apart from the actual bersanding you may also opt for the Akad Nikah Ceremony at the Serambi.

Alternatively you may want to hold either one of the events at the Ruai, which is the elongated varendah of the Longhouse. Measuring 60 x 12 feet this venue is also suitable for such events.

As for those who really want to have that up-close and personal thing with nature, you may want to consider having your Bersanding under the trees itself, on specially constructed tents and Dias, of course.

Our other latest structure is the Balai Warisan. This is a 50 x 20 feet long open hall with with the roof made of woven Bertam fronds ( a specie of palm). This roof structure is hardly seen today and was made by the family of the Aboriginal Headman himself. This structure can be use as the dining venue for the wedding couple together with VIP guests.

Last but not least we have the unique Uluhati Lodge (Longhouse), which can be used to house outstation guests and/or dressing rooms for the wedding couple, or as mentioned above for either the Bersanding or Akad Nikah Ceremonies.

Other things which may appear trivial but most urgent when you need them are washroom and parking facilities, both of which we are happy to say are adequate to meet most needs. Our paddock, which can be converted to a car park can accommodate up to 200 cars at any time.

The settings and the food is entirely up to the taste of the client. It could range from the simple and pragmatic to the sophisticated and luxurious. Whatever your taste could be Uluhati has the space and the facilities to make it happen. To sum it up, with all the trees and eco-friendly structures it cannot get more country than this.

For inquiries do call 012-2787722 (Safiya) or 012-2716262 (Din)

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