Friday, April 12, 2013


Got a shock of my life a few mornings ago, when I saw a dog which looked very familiar sitting outside the fence. My heart stopped for a moment, fervently hopping that what we prayed for all these months would come true. We had hoped that Loui would come back, but looking closely it was Duke, his son. Somehow he must have got through the fence in the night, but could not figure the way back in. So he waited till someone opens the gate for him.

Some months ago we went up to the jungle to service our little dam from which came our water supply from the hills. As usual Loui came along. Not only was he a more reliable escort, but also good company. I mean, it will take a really crazy animal to go up against him. Belgian shepherds whilst loyal to a fault, can be a real nightmare to those who intend to harm them or their master.

So there he was jumping from bush to bush, tree to tree inspecting everything, from the curious to the mundane. When we got to the dam, he would  take his usual perch and watched us doing our work. Sometimes I could have sworn he seemed to say, "if only I have hands, I would have helped you just as anyone else". Its that very human and animated look he has which seemed to communicate with you so well. After a while he would give  that "ahh well..." look and resigned himself looking bored.

But that day something seemed to bother him .Every now and then he looked around appearing somewhat agitated. Finally he got up and started to look around. Finding nothing he came back and sat as usual. He did this a few rounds until his interest got the better of him and he went up straight to the upper reaches of the hills. We called him but to no avail. We did not feel much concern then as we knew he his a very intelligent and capable dog and once he is satisfied he would come back. We finished our work but Loui was still not back yet. Then we got worried. We started calling and waited for two hours but no sign of him. Not even a bark. Going after him was out of the question as the jungle beyond was very thick and we risk getting lost ourselves. Reluctantly, we made our way back, hopping that somehow he is safe and would one day appear at our gate, looking tired and guilty but glad to be back. That day never came, until we thought a few mornings ago, but it was a false alarm.

Loui was special, as I am sure any other dog owner would say of his own dog. I can go for hours talking about him, but it would still not fully describe him. Loyal to a fault, playful and protective with children, he was the only dog we had who would sleep with a cat under his armpit, smell and all.


Take care Loui wherever you are... we all miss you. May the hunting be good and when you are done, stop fooling around and come back.


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  2. I know that your dog can never be replaced. Great dogs like yours are rare. Hope he will come back soon.