Thursday, December 15, 2011

Five Ladies and the Jungle

I was not quite sure if they were serious when they called on rather short notice that they wanted to jungle trek and bamboo raft down Sungai Langat all on the same day. They definitely were when they turned up on time all geared up and raring to go that Monday morning. The program that day was a "short trek" from Uluhati all the way to the rafting point and from there bamboo rafting down the usual route. Have to clarify the term "short". Its all relative. What is short for Tok Batin Andak (the aboriginal Headman) may not be entirely so for others. He may sprint through the jungle while we may have to literally crawl on all fours. Be careful when a aboriginal tells you that the trek is only a cigarette away. A cigarette last the entire day for them. After a couple of puffs they are put out to, only to be taken out at the next stop.
Are we good to go?
Thats right, show those smiles, while you still have them
watch your steps
Shaolin mistress showing how its done. Her diciples (behind) making a monkey out of her
"now this plant is good for...."
Amazing, they still have their smiles
"I shud have stayed in Hongkong..."

"is this ever gonna end..?"
True grit

Anyway the ladies certainly proofed they were up to the challenge. Pails of sweat and generous donation of blood to the resident leeches aside, they appeared in high spirits as the emerged from the jungle at the rafting point. On the way they passed through various types of vegetation and had good insight into their uses.
Barbeque under the stars. Obviously recounting their battle scars earlier in the day.
Thank you ladies. You all got what it takes. Do come again.

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