Friday, July 8, 2011

Longhouse at Uluhati

We are pleased to announce our latest addition to Uluhati, the Uluhati Longhouse. Built out of local jmaterials and along the designs of the Longhouses found in East Malaysia, the accommodation provide a unique experience for those who are tired of the city and the usual resort settings. Admittedly we have modified the design somewhat but any modification was done only with the guests interest in mind, yet by and large still maintaining the traditional design and concept.

This Longhouse compliments our other facilities, i.e. the traditional coffee house and our washroom complexes, which now place us ready to accept visitors.

In planning these facilities we had several points in mind. Top of mind was they must blend with the environment. Hence the materials used are largely from local sources. Secondly they must be reflective of the traditional Malaysian style heritage. Hence you would find little add-ons  which are standard features of Malaysian homes of yesteryear, but hardly seen anymore nowadays. The idea is to reeducate our young ones and the expose to our foreign visitors how it was like to stay in Malaysian villages, say 50 years ago, minus of course the river toilets and oil lamps.

The concept of the Longhouse was chosen for another reason, i.e. to bring back the sense of community and the close knit neighborhood of the rural society. See, when you stay in a longhouse, you cannot ignore who your neighbors are as you would be sharing a common lounge, i.e. the big open veranda. In the traditional longhouses, this is where the entire longhouse community meet daily not only to socialize but also to discuss and find solutions to issues affecting the community. We may be wrong but our feeling is, today's society has become too personalized and private that it is an accepted norm not to know your next door neighbors. That is why we hear of dead bodies found weeks after they died, or people assaulted with no help from their neighbors. Then we ask why there is no more tolerance today and the degree of violence and conflict has reached new heights. Truth be told, the human race looked nicer today with their fancy clothes, chariots and gadgets, but have we advanced or regressed in our human values. Yes, there will be many who disagree with us, but to each his own.  We have no arguments with some of us who feel that they can exist without the fellow human beings.   

Along with these facilities we are also ready to provide a range of activities for our visitors. These would include exposures to the traditional Malaysian lifestyle and culture, rural economic activities various outdoor activities. Do wait for our respective pages for more details.

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