Friday, January 14, 2011

Jungle Trek

Friday 14, January 2011, 8.45 a.m., courtroom No 4, Federal Courts. The gallery is empty save for my wife, her client (the defendant) and a few court officials. I guess the criminals are still recovering from their year-end revelry. Very boring. What seemed to be a potentially fiery pre-trial discussion with the DPP fizzled out like a damp fire-cracker. Disappointing, time to put to good use the valuable time. Afterall, we farmers do not really have that much free time.

Last weekend we took time off to scout some new trails in the nearby hills. After a ten minutes drive we arrived at the jungle fringe and started the hike at 5.00 pm. The terrain was fairly hilly with the vegetation ranging from overgrown clearing to secondary jungle. As we get deeper however, it gave way to primary jungle. We arrived at the campsite after about forty minutes trekking, round about 6 pm. Just nice, it gets dark much earlier in the jungle, what with the overhanging canopy. Further its been raining heavily the past few days. Don't feel like slushing around in the mud too much tonight.

Time to set-up camp and get dinner ready before we start the real activity, fishing!!!. There was no need to bring out the tents. The locals, maybe aboriginals, have taken the trouble to put up a two story jungle hut. Not the Hilton but certainly a welcomed sight. Food was a simple affair, especially after we threw out half of the kitchen which my wife prepared for us. Her idea of camping was what she saw of the safari camp in Africa, with the whole house in tow. Fine if she is caring half the load, not bl***y likely. After all its only an overnight trip.

Dinner done we settled down for the fishing, whilst our guide decided to disappear into the pitch black to try his luck with the landlocked animals. Adib and I exchanged glances. No, no,  not that we are afraid, of course not. Its just that I kept remembering Snoopy's opening line..."it was a dark and stormy night...". It better not storm tonight.

Now this location is said to be a fishing secret. The legendary Kelah (Malaysian mahsere a.k.a. the Malaysian anglers Holy Grail) and the Tengas weighing upto 2 to 3 kilos are said to be the happy local residents of the rivers and streams. Hearts in our throats, trembling like virgins on their wedding night, we set up gear, bait and everything else and waited... and waited. The night bore on uneventfully, with a few intermitten nibbles. Our hearts gradually settled in their rightful places, whilst the virgins trembled no more as the bridegrooms seemed to have got the dates mix-up.

1.00 a.m. Sunday morning. Still no meaningful bite, whilst our last biscuit has been bitten off. Our guide has since returned with a some luck. Good for him. We settled down for the night, not entirely disappointed as the location is as original and beautiful as one can get within an hour or two from KLCC. Just to be here itself is a privilege. Never mind the fish. We have been fishing long enough to know that on some days they just don't feel like playing ball. Could be the weather (promise of storm) or just normal everyday reasons like pesky neighbors or mother-in-laws.

We broke camp early and by the time we got back to the farm my brother had just finished taking King for his morning ride.

Well, well what do you know, the Magistrate called in sick. Postponed again. The last time my wife was sick.

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