Saturday, December 18, 2010

Loui's Puppies

Now, you may know that Loui is the Head of our Security Dept. Hailing from the faraway place called Belgium, Loui is known by his official breed as the Malinois (short hair), otherwise simply known as the Belgian Shepherd Dog.

Loui's came to us slightly over two years ago, a young exuberant pup then, who got himself totally bewildered with the expanse of his playground and the variety of playmates around. He soon learned  that whilst some are willing friends, others with like the billy goat  and the male deer have long, sharp pointed sticks on their forehead which can bring about some serious grief. To his credit though, he stood his ground when threatened by a full grown male deer. A slight to behold, a 3 month old pup, hackles raised, canines bared, snarling down a full antlered deer. Others like the chickens are great fun. They are fun to chase until one of them accidentally ran into his open mouth. It was not his fault, he seemed to say, with his mouth full of feathers. He has since learned they are off limits. Now he is more concerned in making sure that our four cats too observe the prohibition. One withering look from Loui and they would give that "what chicken?" look. Horses tails are also great fun, especially if you can get a mouthful between your teeth. The only problem is their hind legs which can send you flying up the durian tree if you are not careful. So far he has not got his flying colors yet. By the way, Loui and his pack love durians, which can be duty distracting when the fruit is in season. Nights are often spent sniffing out fallen fruits and opening them instead of guard duty.

Yes, Loui is a fast learner, typical of his breed. Teaching him how to round up goats took only two lessons. Very methodological, he would round up the main herd and then go back to the bushes for the straggles. The only problem was, when we decided the goat should now feed in the compound, he rounded them up the moment they leave the goat house and herd them up the goat house again. A wailing protest from the now hungry goats alerted us that Loui needed retraining. Again easily done.

As Head of Security, Loui is cut out for the role, totally fearless and alert. A strict disciplinarian, his understated authority is enormous. No bite or threatening bark is required to keep his squad of eight guards in check. One cold stare is enough to get the offender whimpering and grovelling. One erstwhile guard actually whimpered for 15 minutes whilst Loui gave her that cold stare.The other members of the Guard Detail are Siti (also our resident GRO "guest relation officer"), Fifi, Suede, Paco, Midnite, Socks and Lucky (Loui's earlier daughter).

Evenso, Loui loses his marbles to children. The sight of children playing would see him somersaulting in the air like a foolish pup and he would stick by their side until playtime is over. Very reassuring.

Now, Loui's mate is Lucy, also a Belgian dame. Before the arrival of Loui, Lucy was the Alpha Female. Now that Loui is fully grown she gladly passed on the Alpha baton to Loui, and devoted her life to raising beautiful pups, though when duty calls you could see her charging with the rest of the pack. Some two months ago, Lucy gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies, 2 males (Duke and Baron) and 3 females (Duchess, Lady and Countess).

Since we already have 9 dogs in the security detail, it is our intention to sell of one of the male and all of the females. If there is anyone out there looking for a highly intelligent, devoted and fearless dog do call us for further details. Our only request is that you must really be a dog person who would take these puppies as your lifelong loyal companion apart from your spouse, of course. Do call either Din (012-2716262) or Eliza (012-2787722)

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